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Kaiko organizes Bitcoin's information to help businesses succeed by providing data, insights and services

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  • All API & WebSockets
  • 3,000  API calls / month

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  • All API & WebSockets
  • 50,000  API calls / month

For companies with heavy data usage

  • All API & WebSockets
  • 500,000  API calls / month

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Common use cases include:

  • SLA
  • Customer Support
  • Custom integrations
  • Tailored product

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Access a suite of real-time data products

  • Price

  • Markets

  • Blockchain

  • Network

Get straight to generating value

Setting up, operating and maintaining your own Bitcoin data warehouse is not where you'll make a difference. Manage complexity and cost, focus on your unique features

Real-time Data

Things move fast: keep all your apps in sync with the Bitcoin network and the market changes

Distributed Cloud-based Infrastructure

Battle-tested systems with transparent uptime and latency reporting

Blockchain Node Fully Hosted

Low latency and reduced dependance on third party services

Enterprise grade customer support

Highly responsive support, experts to answer your questions and optimise your setup

Meet Kaiko

Kaiko was founded in 2014 in Paris as Challenger Deep.

Challenger Deep is the deepest known point on earth, an abyssal point in the Mariana Trenches. It remains a very unknown place no-one has ever set foot on.

Kaiko is actually the name of the most successful expedition down Challenger Deep and the one which brought the most useful data to the surface.

Our team of financial and tech experts dives into the Bitcoin ocean, surfacing with data, information and insights to help cut through complexity and opacity.

Our clients are either from the Bitcoin world : Bitcoin media companies who need a complete data source, Bitcoin Wallets who need a reliable data partner. Or from "traditional" financial services: investors, derivative markets, traders, who need easily accessible data .

Pascal Gauthier

Founder & CEO

Pascal founded Kaiko with the firm belief that Bitcoin can only prosper if all users have access to reliable security and useful information.

Pascal first worked in Sales at Kelkoo and then moved to Criteo a company listed on Nasdaq as COO. He then worked as entrepreneur-in-residence at Index Ventures in 2014. He currently sits on the boards of Ledger Wallet as well as two promising ad-tech companies, and OpenX.

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